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Recipe Preparation for: Berry Hot Cereal (GF)(DF)(VG)

2 cup Almond Breeze, unsweetened vanilla almond milk

0.5 1/2 cup Cereal, oats, old fashioned, dry

1 cup Fresh blueberries 

0.5 1 cup Quinoa, uncooked 

2 1 teaspoon, ground Seeds, flaxseed 

0.5 1 tablespoon Syrups, maple 

12 fluid ounce(s) Water

Place water and quinoa in a saucepan and bring to a boil, cover and let cook slowly. Reduce temp to simmer and let cook until quinoa is tender. Stir in oats and continue to cook for another 5 min. Remove from the heat and gently stir in maple syrup and flax seed. Fold in blueberries gently and top the hot cereal with almond milk. 

Note: If you are Celiac, please make sure to buy Gluten free oats from the organic section 

Makes 2 servings

Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories: 298.91 

Fat: 7.42g 

Carb: 50.45g 

Protein: 9.15g

Recipe Preparation for: Baked Candied Salmon(GF)(DF)

0.5 5 sprigs Dill weed, fresh 

6 3 oz Fish, salmon, Atlantic, wild, cooked, dry heat 

2 each Garlic clove 

1 1 tablespoon Parsley, fresh 

1 1 dash Salt, table 

1 1 teaspoon Spices, pepper, black 

0.5 1 cup Syrups, maple 

Preheat BBQ to medium heat. 

Line tin foil to make a parcel shape for the salmon. Lay raw salmon flat in foil, do not close. In a glass measuring bowl mix together all of the marinade ingredients. Pour over the fish slowly making sure to coat all over evenly. BBQ for 15-20 minutes until fish is nice and flaky but still moist in the middle. (If the fish is crisping too much on the outside then close up the foil while cooking) 

Makes 6 servings.

Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories: 225.59 

Fat: 6.95g 

Carb: 18.20g 

Protein: 21.76g

Recipe Preparation for: Swiss Turkey Burgers


4 1 slice (1 oz) Cheese, swiss 

1 tea spoon Franks hot sauce 

1 tea spoon Ground black pepper 

16 ounce(s) Lean ground turkey, raw 

3 tea spoon Mustard 

1 1 teaspoon Oil, coconut 

1 1 dash Salt, table 

1 1 teaspoon, ground Spices, oregano, dried 

1 1 tablespoon Spices, parsley, dried 

1 medium Zucchini - baby, raw


In a large glass bowl mix ground turkey, grated zucchini, mustard and spices together. (the hot sauce is optional). Use a half cup measure that is round in shape and add a little mixture into it to form burger patties. Should make about 4-6 

Coat a flat pan for the stovetop or a grooved grill thoroughly with coconut oil and heat med-high to sear the outside of the burgers for a few minutes for the brown colour. 

Turn it down to medium and let the burgers cook on both sides evenly, try not to flip the burgers more than once as they may break. 

Once cooked and the middle is no longer pink, place cheese slices on top of the burger and let them melt while cooking for the last few minutes. Add optional hot sauce to top of burger for more kick. 

Remove and eat with homemade yam or sweet potato fries

Makes 4 servings.

Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories 240.39

Fat: 8.98g

Carbs: 2.30g

Protein: 35.95g

Recipe Preparation for: Crock-pot Pork Chili


1 1 cup Beans, baked, canned, with pork and tomato sauce 

0.5 tea spoon Franks hot sauce 

1 cup Kidney beans, cooked or canned 

0.5 1 cup chopped Onions, yellow, sauteed 

0.5 each Pepper/Red or Green 

1 10 strips Peppers, sweet, yellow, raw 

4 4 oz Pork, fresh, ground, raw 

1 1 teaspoon, ground Spices, basil, dried 

1 1 tablespoon Spices, chili powder 

1 1 dash Spices, pepper, black 

1 1 cup Tomatoes, red, ripe, canned, stewed 

In a hot skillet cook pork until browned and tender. In a large crockpot add all ingredients and place on low to cook for 4-5 hours approx. make sure kidney beans are rinsed in cold water before adding them to the chili to drain off excess salt. Serve hot

Serve hot

Makes 6 servings.

Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories: 306.65 

Fat: 17.63g 

Carb: 20.46g 

Protein: 18.35g

Recipe Preparation for: Tropical Kale Storm Smoothie (DF)(GF)(VG) 


2 cup Almond Breeze, unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

0.5 each Banana - med 8" 

0.5 1 cup, chopped Kale, raw 

3 1 wedge yields Lime juice, raw 

0.5 1 cup pieces Mangos, raw 

2 slice Pineapple - fresh, slice approx 3.5" 


Place almond milk and kale in a blender, mix until smooth, add in fresh pineapple rings, frozen mango and frozen banana. Squeeze in lime wedges for taste. Blend on high until smoothie is creamy. Serve in a frosty mug or over ice. 

Makes one serving. 

Nutrition Information per Serving 

Calories: 279.48 

Fat: 7.92g 

Carb: 53.25g 

Protein: 4.92g

Recipe Preparation for: Heaven In A Bar (GF)(DF)


58 gram(s) (Zazubean) 70% Chocolate Nutbar (VG)(GF) 

0.25 1 cup Honey 

0.5 1 cup Nuts, almond butter, plain, without salt added 

1 1 cup, sliced Nuts, almonds 

0.5 1 cup, shredded Nuts, coconut meat, dried (desiccated), sweetened, shredded 0.5 1 cup Oil, coconut 

0.5 1 cup (not packed) Raisins, golden, seedless 

0.25 1 cup Seeds, flaxseed 

2 tea spoon Vanilla extract 


Place almonds, ground flax, dried fruit, coconut, almond butter in a food processor. Pulse briefly to combine.  In a small saucepan melt coconut oil over low heat, remove then stir in honey and vanilla.  Add coconut oil mixture to food processor and pulse until it forms a coarse paste. Press mixture into a greased 8X8 baking glass dish.  Chill in fridge until mixture is hard and then over low heat in a double broiler melt chocolate pieces until runny. Spread over bars and put back in fridge for 30 min. cut into 15 bars. 

1 bar is a serving

Makes 15 servings.

Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories: 235.14

Fat: 18.91g

Carbs: 15.34g

Protein: 4.22g

Recipe Preparation for: Protein Pancakes (GF)

1/2 cup Cereal. oats. old fashioned, dry

1 1/2 cup Cereal, oats, old fashioned, dry 

1 tea spoon Cinnamon 

0.5 cup Cottage Cheese - 1% fat 

0.5 1 cup Egg, white, raw, fresh 

1 cup Fresh blueberries 

1 1 teaspoon Oil, coconut 

2 1 tablespoon Syrups, maple 

1 tea spoon Vanilla extract 

Mix all ingredients together except berries and maple syrup in a bowl, pour into little pancakes on a hot flat grill that has been basted in coconut oil. Flip once bubbles are forming on the top of the pancakes and turn the temp down to medium/high. Make sure you watch them carefully so they do not burn on either side. Once cooked add to a plate and top with fresh berries and maple or agave syrup.

*If you are Celiac, please buy gluten free oats in organic isle

Makes 2 servings.

Nutrition Information per Serving

Calories: 272.76 

Fat: 4.51g 

Carb: 42.26g 

Protein: 16.81g

Recipe Preparation for: Egg Feta Breakfast Sandwich 


1 1 large Egg, whole, raw, fresh 

1 tea spoon Mustard, Maille Multigrain 

1 1 teaspoon Oil, coconut 

0.5 1 cup, sliced Peppers, sweet, red, raw 

0.5 1 teaspoon, ground Spices, oregano, dried 

1 1 dash Spices, pepper, black 

0.5 1 cup Spinach, raw 

0.25 each Tomato 

2 slice Little Big Bread 

1 1 oz Cheese, feta 


Cook egg first on a flat skillet with coconut oil, cook firm or leave egg yolk runny for desired taste. Gently cook the red peppers in the same skillet until soft and tender. 

Toast bread and top with deli mustard, spinach leaves, and tomatoes. When egg is still hot add to sandwich and put the feta on top to melt. Add grilled red pepper and top with desired black pepper, hot sauce and herbs. 

Makes one serving. 

Nutrition Information per Serving 

Calories: 329.81 

Fat: 16.54g 

Carb: 27.71g 

Protein: 18.53g