5 Family Campfire Treats You Must Try

Whether you are tenting in your own back yard with the kids or sitting around a campfire in the great outdoors, these campfire treats are a surefire delicious treat for you and your family this summer.


Banana Smores- All you need to do is split a banana lengthwise, lay in tin foil, sprinkle dark chocolate chips on top, mini marshmallows walnuts and a splash of baileys if you’re of age. Wrap tight and place over the fire for a few minutes until the chocolate and marshmallows have melted. Can you say “OH MY” these are truly amazing!!

Cheesy Pork Quesadillas- With the leftover steak or pulled pork you made at home its the best meat to stick in a quesadilla for the campfire. Grab a whole wheat tortilla, sprinkle cheese, meat and spring onions on half and fold over. Place on a piece of tin foil and wrap so sides are closed tight. Place gently over fire on a grill and flip over once, when cheese has melted cut in half.

Corn & Bacon- This makes a lovely side dish which is inspired by one of my favorite places to eat. Take a raw whole corn on the cob and snap in half, wrap with back bacon or turkey bacon, spread a little dairy free Melt over the whole thing and then season with sea salt and ground pepper. Wrap tin foil around and tighten ends, place on campfire until corn is cooked in the middle. This is so good, I just eat it on its own.

Sausage & Potato Leftovers- With all the leftovers from the campfire, this is a great recipe to throw it all in the pot and make a yummy breaky. Use your leftover farmers sausages from the night before, peppers, cheese, onions and cooked potatoes. Cut into chunks and place in a tin foil shaped bowl and cover until all the food has cooked nicely together on the fire. Breakfast is now served!

Apple Delight- If you have a sweet tooth then this one is for you. Take a piece of tin foil and shape into a bowl size. Add in peeled sliced apples, sprinkle with quick cooking oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg and drizzled with a little maple syrup. Wrap up tightly at the top and place on campfire until the apples have started to bubble and cook. This is a great tasting dessert that truly feels like you have a warm apple pie right out of the oven.