5 Simple Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

With the best intentions we set new years goals, only to find 20% of people meet them by February the same year.

Sometimes willpower is just not enough to keep you motivated to exercise everyday or eat healthy for the rest of the year. Life happens, and we end up meeting bumps in the road we did not expect.


Here are 5 simple solutions to keep you at your goal this year:

Tip #1- Stop setting yourself up for failure each year and making your goals so big its unlikely you will make them. Most people want a drastic change as they don’t like what they see or feel, did you ever stop to think that you would have to make drastic changes in your eating habits or workout routines to make those type of goals? If you want 6 pack abs or to run a marathon, you definitely have to train very hard, keep the momentum high and eat according to your needs for muscle growth and long distance running. Instead try to set increments of 5lbs and write down your goal with a short date in mind and tweak your program if you are slowing down progress along the way.

Tip #2- Writing in a journal is not just for teenage girls anymore. Studies have proven if you write or type what you are eating, drinking, your weight and how much you exercise you are more likely to meet your goals as you have proof and material to look back on. I know personally, I have kept years of logged entries, so I can always go back to the drawing board if I fall off the wagon and need a tweak in my lifestyle. This includes keeping workout routines and switching it up again at the gym.

Tip #3- Find something you actually enjoy. How many times I have heard people say, “I hate going to the gym”. If you feel like its a chore to workout then find another activity, you could dance, do karate, cycle to work, take up trampolining, go on a hike each weekend, ski, or join a mommy and me class in your community, just get out and move your body. This also holds true for what we eat. If you are having a hard time eating like a rabbit and can’t stand the thought of another salad then switch it up. You don’t have to eat a bland, boring diet to be healthy. We have lots of healthy free recipes that are good for you and your family to enjoy.

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Tip #4- Watch what you are doing with all the lattes and drinks you have in your life. I can’t stress this one enough, you may have a healthy diet with food, but do you drink alcohol on a regular basis? do you stop for a sweetened latte with all the fixings a couple of times a week? or do you drink diet or even regular sodas on a weekly basis? all of this truly adds up in the end. A calorie is still a calorie whether it comes in the form of a liquid beverage or in the form of food on your plate. Even if the calories are low in beer, non-existent in the pop I can still guarantee they will have extra carbs, fake sugars and hidden preservatives that wreak havoc on your body causing it to retain water weight and thus your weight still goes up. Your best bet with the beverages is to stick to purified water, refreshing teas, decaf coffee, club sodas and fresh squeezed juice.

Tip #5- Enlisting in expert help gets you to your goal faster. Did you know that you may have the motivation to do what it takes, or you could be waiting and just not knowing how to get it all done? Experts in the field of exercise and nutrition are educated in what, how, and why the body responds to certain foods, exercise and depending on your lifestyle can accommodate your needs. Take the guess work out of coming up with a meal plan or exercise routine with someone who can see outside the box and help sculpt your body and lifestyle to what you have always wanted.