How To Look Youthful Naturally

With all the stresses of daily life, hows a person supposed to stay youthful and radiant while running after kids, managing finances, juggling work and home life?

8 Anti-Aging Tips For Your Health:

Goji Berries- Have been known to firm, tighten and protect skin with its high amounts of vitamin C. Environmental stressors on skin can leave age spots and goji berries have antioxidant properties that improve your natural glow while maintaining hydration. Eat a small handful with some healthy nuts like brazil nuts or pistachios, sprinkle on cooked oatmeal or toss on a fresh summer salad.

Pomegranate- These sweet fruit seeds have been used for generations in skin care products to help with aging, sun damage, cell rejuvenation, treating acne and to moisturize the skin. Eating fresh pomegranates will give your body an abundance of antioxidants that help collagen reform, reduces damage from UVA and UVB rays thus preventing skin cancers. Cut out the seeds and sprinkle on salads, toss in frozen yogurt, eat on its own or drink pure pomegranate squeezed juice.  

Green Tea- Such a potent tea with so many amazing health benefits. Numerous studies have found that drinking green tea can reduce the appearance of aging. The tea itself has radical fighting properties that protect from sun damage and toxins in our environment. Even using green tea topically on your skin improves aging as its an anti inflammatory thus synergistically aiding in sun protection along with sunscreen. Drink several cups a day or use topically to gain the benefits.

Less Sun- Obviously in general the less you are in the suns rays the less you will have chances for skin cancer and thus improve the elasticity of your skin. The sun beating down on your skin year after year without protection causes damage on a cellular level that is not seen until later in life. The damage looks like skin spots, wrinkles and leathery looking skin that make you look older than you actually are. If you are sensitive to regular sunscreen on your face then buy a zinc based lotion and use it everyday even in the snow as it reflects light to your face causing a burn.

Vitamin C- Your mother didn’t teach you to eat your veggies and fruit for no reason. Vitamin C is abundant with radical fighting properties that help improve the youthfulness of your supple skin. I personally use gentle vitamin C based face wash and moisturizer everyday to protect my skin from any damage.

Losing 10 Pounds- Losing even just a bit of weight starts from your face and works its way down. Having less body fat overall can greatly make you look healthier and younger. Even starting with counting your calories, changing the foods you eat in general or exercising your body on a regular basis will all go towards making lasting changes that will improve how you look and how young you will feel.

If you struggle with your nutrition and have tried numerous attempts to lose weight with no luck, check us out. Having a nutrition coach will greatly effect the results you maintain long term.

I Need A Nutrition Coach

Less Sugar- Lowering your sugar intake seems like common sense to look youthful, many people are unaware of where sugar actually hides. Did you know you eat lots of sugar from regular cereal like All Bran with raisins, regular store breads, pasta sauces, dairy products like milk and yogurts? you would be amazed at how many people say, “I don’t eat sugar” yet their diets say otherwise with all the other man made products they ingest. My suggestion would be to read your ingredient lists and look for hidden sugar names and the amount of sugar on a box before consuming.

Whole Foods- Eating foods that are colorful, found in nature and are grown in rich nutrient soils will provide many benefits of anti aging for all of us. Having a diet that is varying of colors from purple cabbage, green tomato’s, yellow carrots, white onions, blue blueberries, red cherries and orange melons can greatly increase your chances for fighting cancers and providing your body with abundance of antioxidants to have clear looking skin, radiant shiny hair, clear hard nails and a slim waistline. Whole foods also come from healthy fats like nuts and seeds, wild caught fish, organic meats and whole grains made from nature.