How To Stop Eating Junk Food For Real

With Stampede approaching fast in Calgary we don’t have much luck when it comes to keeping it healthy. You would be surprised by what you’re actually eating, you might in fact change your mind about your favorite junk after all.

  • Did you know when it comes to BBQ chips sometimes the “natural flavor” is in fact milk with chicken powder….yuck!!
  • Strawberry milkshakes have been known to contain up to 50 different chemicals to keep the color and flavor. Why not try blending real strawberries and adding in your own milk.
  • Fast food chains have been known to use TBHQ or (E319) which is actually a petroleum similar to lighter fluid. These are used on fries as a preservative. Try making your own homemade potato or yam fries at home.
  • Popular fast food restaurants including a healthy chain that make eggs for breakfast actually do not use real eggs. They may use eggs with “premium egg blend”. Premium egg blend contains Propylene glycol, a solvent for food colors and flavorings, is also used in anti-freeze, to lubricate air-conditioner compressors, and in deodorant sticks….shocking I know!
  • One doughnut contains more trans fat (man made hydrogenated fat) than the body is able to have in a day. No amount is considered healthy but trans fats actually lowers our healthy essential fats and this effects brain and organ growth which in developing children is vital.
  • One for sure to be on the lookout is L-Cysteine in your food label. This amino acid is made of duck feathers and/or human hair…..gross!… It’s used as a dough conditioner to improve the texture of baked goods you buy at a store.
  • Shellac isn’t just for your nails ladies,  it’s a type of finishing product that is typically used to improve the shine of wood and furniture. However, it can be used to improve the shine of certain foods, such as jelly beans, malted milk balls and milk duds to name a few.  Shellac is actually secreted from the female Kerria Iacca insect found in Thailand and India.

Shocking and gross facts that hopefully make you question, before you eat these non foods and figure out where they really originated from.