Losing the Last 10 Pounds

Have you seriously been considering that you want to be a smaller size? Do you have what it takes to make some permanent changes in your life to improve your health forever? Here are some helpful tips for you to get rid of that last bit of weight you have been hanging onto.

Stop Dieting- 

We all know that eating better quality of food such as fruits, veggies, meats and healthy carbohydrates will help us be healthier. When you start eliminating healthy foods and swapping them out for “diet foods” or should I say fake non-foods, your body is missing key nutrients and I can guarantee at one point or another your body and mind will rebel causing emotional binge eating as you feel deprived emotionally and also physically with missing substance from your meal plan. Dieting works yes I agree…..up to a certain point.

What happens after you stop dieting and start eating normal again? Most people gain the weight back or even worse end up heavier as a result of deprivation.

If you are serious about cutting back on your calories, eating the right foods but also want to feel satisfied throughout your life here on earth then I would suggest tapering back your calories slowly over time and introducing new recipes and exchanging out junk foods with healthier versions that taste amazing. After all we have taste buds for a reason, don’t you want to feel happy and enjoy eating your food once and for all?

Increasing Your Protein Daily- 

The average person I come across does not consume enough protein. If you are serious about making gains in the gym, saving your muscles while you do copious amounts of cardio or having the ability to have a body that runs like a fat burning machine, then listen up.

Protein for the average person that works out should be about 1-1.5 grams per pound in body weight. So, if you weigh 130 lbs that’s 130-195 grams of protein daily depending on your workouts and your lifestyle. Most people I see would eat about a third of that amount.

So, what happens is that the average person is making up for their protein in fats and carbohydrates. You could still technically be “eating healthy”, feeling hungry all the time and not losing any weight. Just because your calories are matched, if you are over consuming even healthy fats and carbohydrates instead of healthy protein then you leave room for muscle loss and your weight stays the same or you even gain a bit of weight from the macro-nutrients (protein/carbs/fats) being off balance.


Training Harder- 

If you like to exercise, see it as an opportunity to have fun and feel grateful for the ability to be able to move your body instead of “having to” then you will go far. We sometimes have to stop and be grateful that we have the ability to even move our bodies, stretch or go for a brisk walk. Lots of people here on earth would gladly trade places with you that cannot for that reason alone.

Training harder is individual to your strength, flexibility and how hard you push yourself to your own ability. When you workout and see no change in fitting into clothes or lack of muscle growth this is the area to work harder in. Instead of training with the same 20lb dumbbell weights or running on the treadmill at a certain speed you need to switch things up and push yourself. Pick up heavier weights and do one more rep, run up a bigger hill or try that new yoga pose you haven’t mastered yet. Overtime when you push your body it will respond and grow new muscle to compensate for your new-found strength.

Accountability is Key- 

We are creatures of habit and if we let ourselves have no accountability over healthy eating and sticking to our workout routine then we would let it go by the way side. Having a workout partner to help you train, spot you on your lifts or even be a secret competitor are all great ways to keep you going back to the gym day after day.

Personal trainers are also another amazing way to show you the correct form to exercise safely, they can give you that motivation boost when you just didn’t feel like going into the gym that day and also come up with a unique guided plan for you to keep that trains your weakest area and improve what you do not like right now. If you are in need or a personal trainer I recommend Shona Mitchell Monfroton, she lives in Calgary, use to be in the army and knows what it takes to get an amazing body.

Cheat meals or Treats- 

I find this one to be a good factor for keeping the average human “sane” and motivated. If you do not have a tendency to binge eat or have an eating disorder then this could be a great way to keep you on track in your weight loss journey.

If you do have an eating disorder or are very black and white “all or nothing” with food then I would caution the rules you give yourself around this treat each week. It means to have an indulgence meal not “whole day meals” while you eat clean and healthy the rest of the week.

I would suggest doing this cheat meal over the weekend or a time you are social by going out on a date night or a family dinner. It can involve any type of food such as pizza, pasta, ice cream, alcohol, burgers, chocolate etc.

You would not have to count your calories, macros for this one meal and be free to feel happy with your decision and move onto the next day with your healthy meal plan again. Its about giving yourself a bit of room to feel no restrictiveness in your meal plan but to get back up on the horse and continue to eat the foods that actually make you feel better.

Overtime cut down the amount of cheat meals to once a week and you will find your body responds well to your healthy meals during the week and probably wont feel to hot after a cheat meal has been consumed.

Out of Sight out of Mind- 

If you are the main grocery shopper in your household then you can do yourself a big favour by avoiding the aisle that you know will tempt you with that bag of chips or those candy bars.

I also highly suggest that you eat a healthy snack before you go food shopping or you tend to buy too much food and also impulse buy as you may be famished after a long day with no food.

At home if you have others that eat junk food then get them to hide it or buy the things you do not like or crave to help yourself not crawl into the pantry late at night.

If you are out at a restaurant then find the healthiest item you can on the menu and spruce it up with broth soups, house salads, in season veggies and order club soda with lemons and limes.

Nutrition Expert-

 If you have tried many outlets for your eating habits and see no success then why not hire a nutrition expert that can show you what you may be missing. If you hire a personal trainer to get your physically fit then what happens the rest of the time when you are left to make your own meal plans?

If you are missing key nutrients and are symptomatic (tired, irritated, cravings, muscle cramps, broken hair and nails, not losing any weight etc) its probably time to have a close look at your diet and your lifestyle habits.

Most people come to me looking to lose weight and have tried countless diets, detox’s and fasting in the past. We can work together to figure out your story and what you would be most happiest eating and doing. Its all about keeping you mentally happy while improving your body to the best you can be.

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