No Time To Cook?

You started the week out good. You thought of a plan to set up your meals, to only fall flat on your butt 2 days in and now your eating out of a cereal box, ordering junk food and scoffing anything you can get your hands on when your dashing out the door, driving in your car or just returned home late from work…. Again!

What’s a busy person to do these days?

I get it, I am just as busy as you are.

With two young kids, a husband and a growing business all sitting on my to do list every day. Here’s 5 tips from my experience that you can use for yourself.

First of all, breathe….


No time to cook tip #1- Nobody is perfect all the time, if your kids must eat chicken nuggets with frozen veg and potato fries for one meal they wont die. If you are really pinched for time, its nice to have back up easy meals in the fridge and freezer ready to just pop right in the oven. What I typically do is make sure during the day everyone has at least eaten some fresh fruit, veggies and protein to balance it all out.

No time to cook tip #2- We are lucky in this day and age to have the internet at our fingertips, so take advantage of it. Try out your local healthy food delivery service, in Calgary we have Skip the Dishes and many other online menus where we can order a healthy meal at the click of a button. You don’t even need to get out of your pjs for this one on a snowy day.

No time to cook tip #3- Preplan! preplan! preplan! If you take the time once a week to make a couple of batch meals for the week then you will always have a healthy alternative to simply heat up, save money and keep your waistline trimmer. Our favorite meals are lemony mint lentil salad, Salmon with roasted veggies, energy balls, healthy spaghetti and many more. If you would like access to some recipe ideas, join us here.

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No time to cook tip #4- If your stuck out and have no access to a kitchen don’t fret. You can take your family to a local cafe that serve fresh soups, salads, healthy homemade dinners, baked breads and fresh smoothies. Some of our favorite places to take our kids that is relatively cheap is Sunterra Market, Freshii, Subway, Jugo juice, Extreme Pita, Chachi’s or local coffee shops on the road.

No time to cook tip #5- With our lives becoming so busy between kids, work, spouses, friends and relatives its enough to literally throw in the towel and to stop cooking all together. Unfortunately, we need to eat to live, its sort of a requirement of the human experience. Thankfully over the years I have come up with some tasty, short and easy recipes for you to try that can be made ahead of time and used as backup later.

Just remember…. preplan one day of the week, the kids will survive on one unhealthy meal, use quick and tasty recipes, batch cook, use the internet at your advantage, eat fresh food from local takeout’s and remember to breathe….

I gotta go pick up my son from preschool…. I literally have no time 😉

In good health.