Portion Distortion

I know this pizza looks great hey! In truth how many pieces of this would you actually eat though?

Did you know that the average size of food has gone up in the world since the 1950’s?

Looking at portion sizes back in 1950 vs what we have today has a huge impact on why so many people in society are struggling to lose weight. If we adopted the smaller portion sizes back when our grandparents were young, we wouldn’t be having to go on countless diets and constantly be watching our waistline.

Back in the 1950’s for example, a typical hamburger was 3.9 ounces now compared to 12 ounces today which has tripled in size!! A regular soda back in the 50’s was 7 ounces which is just short of 1 cup, now our big gulps and super size me beverages are up to 42 ounces of soda which is equivalent to 106 grams of sugar!!! which is about 26.5 tsps of sugar from one drink going to our livers to be stored and made into fat later.

Talk about liver overload…..

Here Are Some 1950’s Tips To Keep Your Weight In Check:


Smaller plates and Bowls– Did you know that the average plate and bowl size has also increased? If we use a small child’s bowl for cereal, a side plate for dinner and a short glass for calorie laden food then we will be less inclined to eat more. Overtime when we do this habit we notice our appetites aren’t actually that big and we are satisfied with just one slice of pizza, or a smaller bowl of healthy pasta.

Don’t Eat From The Bag- I find this one is a huge problem with our snacking in today’s society. We say “I only had a few chips” or “I just cant lose weight, I eat really healthy but I love to snack”……When we eat from the box, bag or huge party bowls we are not understanding that we are mindless eating and we zone out. Back in the 1950’s a bag of chips was one tiny bag and now we go grocery shopping and buy the largest party bag or eat candy from the bulk section, do you see the trend here?

Too Many Restaurants–  Back in the 1950’s most families sat down to a home cooked meal with meat, vegetables/fruit in season, rice or potatoes to end with possibly a home made dessert. Today we have made our lives so busy that we have to rely on restaurants to feed us. Both parents are now working, time is limited to make meals from scratch but inevitably we have created higher calorie dinners, lunches and stopped spending time at the dinner table as a family.

Junk Food Craze– With all the junk food out now and isles actually dedicated to them, its no wonder we have expanded waist lines since the 50’s. Back in your grandparents day junk food was non existence really. Sweets were homemade pies and treats made from scratch in the kitchen of your own home, or baked fresh breads if you liked savory. Fruit was hard to get if you didn’t live in an area where it grew (like pineapple and mangoes) most people ate what was in season.

Lifestyle- It wasn’t uncommon back in the 50’s to spend your time having a picnic and going to the local beach or lake by taking the bus. Many people at this time of life only had one car per household and there was lots of walking to parks and fun activities. Electronics such as TV, computers, I Phones, video games and such were also a non existent part of entertainment back in the day. Most families had to think of things to do in the home or play outside most of the day.

Go Back To The Basics– Pull out your measuring cups and spoons again, this is a really helpful tool for you to actually gauge what you eat in a day. If you do not have measuring tools or a scale for protein and starches then use your fist to compare to starches, protein should be as big as your palm and peanut butter and fats should be no bigger than your thumb in a single serving.