Postpartum Weight Loss From The Nutrition Gal Herself

Mothers to be or the veteran mom chasing her kids,

Put your coffee cup in hand and sit down for 10 min to take a break from the endless laundry, baby spit up and screaming toddlers that are probably painting your walls in something icky as we speak.

I have some true tips from personal experience to help you shed that baby weight and to feel like your beautiful goddess self before the children arrived……you remember her.

She was able to sit and eat a hot dinner every night, slept 8 hours straight, took care of herself by going for workouts and omgosh finally fit into those skinny jeans!! I know that those have been tormenting you in the closet for too long now.

Here Are 7 Tried & True Methods For Success:

Get Off the Scale– No seriously If you have just had your baby and your dying to know what you weigh, I can tell you from experience when I left the first time from the hospital with my son I weighed myself the day after and didn’t even loose what he weighed!!

Your hormones are still on a roller coaster ride, your body may have been pumped with endless drips and you are probably holding onto copious amounts of water weight. A true way to know this is how much you pee and sweat after you have had a baby. I know from both of my kiddos I have drenched clothes in the middle of the night and had to wring them out, plus you thought pregnancy you were peeing all the time, still happens for the first while after delivery…yeah fun!

A key for getting off the scale is to also realize your body is full of milk most likely if you are breastfeeding and that your body is still in baby mode. Your hormones may have come down from the pregnancy but your true weight still is not reflected when you are a breastfeeding machine for your little one.

Stop Eating Frozen Dinners and Take Out– “For heavens sake if I have to eat one more lasagna I may just explode” you say. I get it, being a new mum who has time to cook these lavish meals? Your lucky if you get a dry piece of toast in your mouth and a hot cup of tea.

For starters I’m not saying all frozen meals are full of salt and unhealthy fats, if you have a few months prior to baby coming my suggestion would be to stock pile your freezer with leftover meals you cook normally. If you are lucky enough to have a husband who cooks for you then all the better.

When I had both of my kiddos I made sure I would only eat the take outs for the first week so my family would survive and then we started taking out my meals and cooking them in the oven and preparing a fresh salad for the side. Make it simple, fresh and healthy.

No More Eating For 2- “Blast! you caught me” you say, don’t worry your secrets safe with me. Realistically though you don’t need to feed your body as if you have two people to feed. The baby is taking calories from your milk yes, but your better off concentrating on the quality of your foods (healthy fats, fresh foods) instead of having your head in the cracker box.

During pregnancy we give ourselves the green light to gorge, eat what we want and say “the baby is craving the 5 chocolate bars I just ate”. Then we turn around and wonder why we still have 20-40lbs to lose after the baby has come out.

Try your best to eat small portions 5-6 times a day. Cut up veggies, whole grain pitas, cheese, fruits and cooked bits of meat while the kiddos are sleeping. That way you will have a smorgasbord of goodies to nibble on throughout your day while poking your head in the fridge.

CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!- No its no beer bong competition, just understanding the need to chug so much more water than you normally consume as one person. Your body is making more liquids to feed a baby and if you dehydrate yourself there is no way your body will keep up with the limited supply to make the milk.

Drinking more fluids will also help push out excess salt you may have in your system, the hormones will start to dwindle from your pregnancy (normal stage of crying weeks after you have had the baby). Water will flush the sluggish waste from your body if you have been holding it in after delivery also.


Exercise For Your Mental Health- I know your going to tell me you don’t have time to exercise but you have to find time to do activities you love while moving your body. This one after having a baby is usually postponed until your body has had some recovery time. What about your mental health though?

Exercising when you have the green light from your midwife or doctor is a great way to get an hour of me time. I don’t know about you but I loved this time all for myself to get out of the house, put on my tunes and just zone out to weight lifting and small bits of cardio.

Exercise is a key part in increasing your serotonin levels, thus warding off post postpartum depression and also making you feel like you have a life outside of your kiddos.

Clothes Aren’t Accurate Yet- Say what!!! Yes when baby arrives you notice your normal button up shirts don’t fit and your jeans will go up but wont button even if you are the same weight prior too. Think about it, your body has done some major changes to support a human life for the past 9 months.

Your chest will have greatly expanded so your once smaller shirts still don’t fit and your hips have opened up with the hormone relaxin in the last part of your pregnancy. We have to understand these changes do not happen overnight because they are controlled by hormones well after our pregnancy too. The body takes a good few months to get back to what it was use to.

Clothes at this time are not the best measurements as your bone structure has shifted temporarily, it will soon go back to normal so concentrate on the quality and portion sizes you eat vs being at a certain weight right now.

Check Your Iron and Thyroid– If all else fails, you really are watching what you eat and you have been counting your macros and calories then I would suggest a quick visit to your doctor to check your thyroid and iron levels.

We tend to put our own needs as women on the back burner but this one is not going to serve you or your family well if left untreated. Low iron levels can cause extreme fatigue and fainting which on top of being a mother is unbearable. If your thyroid has slowed down due to your pregnancy then don’t fret, your doctor can do a simple blood test and help you get back to yourself with the help of medication.

Now get back to those rambunctious babies and toddlers, you’re doing an amazing job mamma!