The Mom Life

As a mom, life can feel like you are pulled in all different directions.

Trust me I know!

From first hand experience raising two monkeys… (the kids) and also trying to run my own business its tough work.

I love both my work and my kiddos don’t get me wrong, but how as mom’s can we cut ourselves some slack and just be an individual?……do you remember her?


Holistic Care From The Nutrition Mom:

Resting & Time Out- is a major key in finding your own holistic happiness in this world. As women we are more wired to take care of everyone else needs before our own, making burnout easy and not far out of reach.

Each day I take a time out for myself away from work, the kids and even have to restrict myself not to clean something………(neat freak!!)

When you take that short rest to read a book, meditate, call a friend/family member or even just have a cup of tea away from everything calling your name, it can do wonders for your mental health each day.

Work It Out– What I am talking about is hitting the gym, kicking a punching bag or going for a leisurely jog. I worked out right after I had the green light from baby doctor #1.

I don’t know about you ladies but having an hour to yourself at the gym without kids needing you or pressing work situations can all wait. Its momma’s time to kick some butt, get her sweat on and feel like her old self again.

Just saying “NO“- Saying no can be a challenge when your wired to be that super woman and do everything for everybody. Sometimes though when your plate is too full and you took on more than you can handle, you need to take a step back and just say “sorry I’ve got too much on my plate right now”.

This could be certain errands, housework or even just one more thing needed from your family…that isn’t urgent.

Eating Clean and Stayin Lean- Who doesn’t want a better body?…ummm no one!

While you are taking care of the small bambinos make sure to stick a few fruits, veggies and lean protein into your mouth as you go about your day with errands, boogers and wrestling toddlers into car seats.

Even though eating for mom is nearly impossible at times, kids trying to eat off your plate or suddenly they have a BM when you just have made yourself something to eat….well at least in my case.

You have to make sure you stay on top of getting your nutrition in. Its going to be no help if mom faints from low blood sugar or is in a bad HANGRY mood….nobody benefits.

Instead try this, cut up foods when the kids are in bed. At least you can pick your way through the fridge instead of opening up the kids packaged snacks and eating them locked in the cupboard by yourself.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Let your hair down once in awhile and go out with your best girlies. If its going out to dinner and enjoying a glass of wine or having a fun paint night, at least something different than your normal everyday routine.

The point is to get you out of the prison…I mean house, for a few hours. Plus you get to feel sexy putting your nice dresses or skinny jeans on with a splash of makeup.