Top 5 Healthy Travel Tips

You love to travel, but when you have so much running around to do, sitting in airports, taking ferries and long car rides its enough for anyone to grab the nearest chocolate bar to restore that vital energy.

Here are our top 5 convenient tips from Nutritious & Delicious to keep you healthy and happy while traveling this year.


Tip 1- Stay away from any fresh food or smelly food that you might think about packing on that plane ride. it might be tempting to bring a tuna sandwich for protein or pack the leftover curry you had the night before. If you are on a plane or stuck in a car for a few hours your food is going to smell and affect those around you also. Plus going through the security gates with fresh food to take on the plane may be confiscated.

Tip 2- Pack snack foods like dry oatmeal with raisins, you can always ask for hot water or milk from the air hostess. Pepperoni sticks, protein bars and protein powder are also great alternatives if you have dipping blood sugars and want to reserve your muscle mass. Going to the local grocery store and buying healthy, organic snack treats that are tasty also mixing up your own trail mix with dried tropical fruits with healthy nuts are also very handy.

Tip 3- When you are stuck sitting for prolonged periods of time with air conditioning or heat blowing it can make you become dehydrated and very constipated with the lack of movement. I would always suggest bringing a bottle of water onto the plane after you have gone through security. I find they never give you enough water in those tiny travel cups so buy a 2 liter and drink away on the plane ride.

Tip 4- Avoid the plane food as much as possible, so many times these airline foods are rich in starch and nothing else. They are also loaded with sodium and sugar which can make you swell during the flight. We like to go for a hearty breakfast or dinner in an airport restaurant before we take off, that way we have an option to eat something we like that is healthy and we are satisfied not to eat the airline food after.

Tip 5- Smoothies are a fantastic resource when you are stuck in an airport, have lack of time to sit and eat a meal or are feeling under the weather or extremely exhausted from all the traveling. I would find your airports food court area and ask for a blended veggie and fruit smoothie with almond milk and a possible energy booster to get you through the jet lag. The smoothies also work great to hydrate you, give back some vital nutrients and keep your bowels regular with all the fiber it provides.