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Our Approach

Learn about our approach to helping you achieve your health goals.

Pick Your Package
We have packages that will suit your nutrition goals. Pick which one will work best for you and purchase it online on this website.
Let The Magic Happen
Our in home Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ will work with you on your customized plan until you are well on your way to creating a better lifestyle.

What Our Packages Include

Learn more about our process to create a package unique to your nutrition needs.

Nutrient Summary
Once we understand your eating habits and lifestyle, we roll up our sleeves and go to work. This entails going through all aspects of your current eating and lifestyle habits with a fine toothed comb and creating a measuring stick upon which we can build your new plan.
Custom Built Recipes
This is where Nutritious meets Delicious. We’ve been working hard to analyze the food you eat and to create custom meal plans. Next, we take all the information and build personalized recipes that will serve you for years to come.
Meal Plan
Every journey needs a good map. Your meal plans will serve you for years as a foundation for the healthy eating and lifestyle changes you want to implement.
Shopping List
We take the guesswork and the work out of grocery shopping. We provide you with complete shopping lists--all you have to do is buy the ingredients, read the recipes, cook the food and then eat a tasty and healthy meal.
Nutrient Summary Comparison
We don’t want to compare apples to oranges. We want to know how your new plan compares to your old way of eating. Once the measuring stick is complete and you are happy with the results of your new plan, we can build recipes!
Lifestyle Summary Analysis
We are going to take everything you have learned about you, and tailor this information to a plan that takes the stress out of meal planning, and lets you enjoy the rest of your life.

Packages To Choose From

Learn more about our process to create a package unique to your nutrition needs.

Nutrition & Mindset Consultation
Package 1
    • Tailored coaching call to your specific needs lifestyle & history where we give you our expertise for 1 hour in a video call and help answer your questions

4 Week Customized Meal Plan
Package 2
    • Get your customized plan built from a real food expert that takes into account your individual calories/macros/food intolerances/workouts/food preferences and aliments

    • Printable 4-week customized meal plan with matching grocery list to take to the store

    • Short instructional video on how to use your meal plan with tips from Bethany

    • Become part of our Nutritious & Delicious email list and get invites to groups, special deals and helpful advice around nutrition and mindset throughout the year

Beginners Journey 6 Month Membership
Package 3
    • 6 months of building fundamentals to live a healthier and happier lifestyle

    • Weekly education videos to guide your new lifestyle

    • Toolkit provided to work in for self-growth and inspiration

    • 6 food lists to accommodate sensitivities like gluten, dairy intolerances, keto lifestyle or picky eating

    • Daily affirmations, guided visualizations and relaxing meditations provided
6 Month Mommy Makeover Membership
Package 4
    • 6 months of healthy meal plans for you and your family, complete with an easy recipe book

    • Digital grocery lists that you can check off on your phone to make life easier

    • Weekly education videos to change your mindset and learn the secrets, tips, time management to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime

    • Accountability workbook to do each month at your own pace

    • Resource list each month for stress relief, full of meditations, hypnosis, mindset changes, gratitude videos, workout ideas and much more!

    • Invite to our private Facebook group to get more added value as a member

    • Optional guided buddy system to keep you and your partner/friend accountable to each other

    • 6 months of scheduled group coaching calls 1 hour twice a month with Bethany